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Step One to SEO Web Page Rankings – Use the Title Tag Properly!


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A Page title tells both users and search engines exactly what your web pages are about. Taking the time to have the page titles provide a clear description of the page is very critical to SEO placement and the free marketing that goes along with it. Let’s get some key steps out of the way.
The Page Title is a meta tag that is placed within the heading of a web page. It is what is seen up in the tab in a normal page window. here is an example….
< html >
< head >
< Title >Charles Montgomery Ezine Article Author< /title >
< /head >
< body >
The words inside the < Title > tag will be placed in that tab.
This simple step of getting the title correct allows any search engine to know the type of content that will be on the page that it is placed on. This term is also used as the heading to a search result that someone types into any search engine.
When you write your title, make sure that you describe the page’s content. It is important that you do not use a title that mis-states the content below or is blah and of little value like < Title >Web Page Main< /Title >. This title has zero value to your efforts towards SEO rankings. Make sure that the title is unique and never use the same tittle across all pages. Keep your title as brief as possible. While it is a great place for a keyword, stuffing them in is of no value.
If you take a moment and think about the gains you can make from a simple upgrade to your web site and it’s effects to your SEO rankings, it should be obvious that the investment of time will be well worth it.
Good luck with your start to SEO rankings and some simple steps you can do to improve your placement for free exposure. Look for other steps that will also help your plans of being found easily on the internet.
As a former teacher, father, and Regional Sales Manager, Charlie provides advice, training and support to individuals looking to build their own home-based business. As a member of Carbon Copy Pro’s “millionaire mentor team”, Charlie has learned from the best and can share this accumulated wisdom with members of his own team. Being a Baby Boomer himself, he works hard at attracting and helping that critical age segment of our generation.

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