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Natural Search Engine Optimization Vs PPC

Pay Per Click

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I really want to discover the reality of pay per click and Natural Search Engine Optimization. I want to put in front of your face, without lies, how Natural Search Engine Optimization beats out the grapes of pay per click in a battle to death on the advertisement field. Pay per Click: is an amazing way that is highly used on the internet advertising world. It is about paying an amount of money for every click some one makes to your ads that point to your website (Pay per Click). It is very effective because you ay chose where to place them and also in the case of Google they will appear on the sponsored results depending on the search of your future customers; in that way you will get interested people on your market to visit your website; that means Targeted Visitors to your website. It is awesome right, but you have to empty your pockets to get the results you want to see. That is very sad, isn´t it? Natural SEO: it is almost the same thing like pay per click, the great difference is that you don´t have to empty your pockets to get that kind of results. You don´t have to spend a single penny either. In the case of Google, your ads will appear on the natural or organic results (instead of the sponsored results) once a persona makes his search. This is way effective too, because you get targeted visitors as well, but you don’t pay a single penny; it sounds like a lie but it really is how I´m telling you.
Now let see the Impact by the numbers: PPC: let´s say you want to get 100 visits to your site every day, which will be 3,000 visits every month. Let say your site gets a conversion rate of 2%. That will be 60 sales times $47 (Price of whatever product) that will be $2,820. That´s really awesome. Now let see how much of that money you have to pay it for advertising: 3,000 Visits + $0.50 per click = $1,500 That means you have to spend more than half of your commissions on advertisement. That is very sad, isn´t it? NSEO: let see the opposite side. Let say you are optimizing your website with 5 different keywords that according to Google alone, all of them together are getting 40,000 visitors every month. Let´s say you make a wonderful optimization job on your website based on those keywords and then you get the top positions on Google for that. Let´s say you get just 10% of those visitors to your website, 4,000. (This is very low if you are on the top results of Google). Let´s make numbers: 4,000 x 2% in conversion rate = 80 Sales x $47 = $3760 How much did you pay in advertisement? = $0 because is NATURAL SEO

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