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Five Reasons to Write a Blog For Your Small Business Marketing Plus Three Tips For Content Creation

Well you have probably heard of this thing called blogging. Just what is blogging? The term is a reference to a process of posting new content to a website called a weblog. Some where along the way the term weblog was shortened to just blog. A blog is basically a platform for publishing articles.

The way it works is different from a static website that just has links and information to pages that are arranged in a specific order. When you come to the home page of a blog site you will see the most recent post at the top of the page. Then down the page will be previous posts. That way you are always seeing the most current and recent information.

The next question we should ask is “Why should I blog?”

That’s a good question. Here are just 5 reasons.

1. First blogging should be a part of your overall marketing strategy. That means that what you post about and are writing about must align with that. Primary to any marketing strategy is Positioning and Thought Leadership. Positioning is your expertise and unique take on your market or industry. Thought Leadership is when you are actively driving the conversion about the things that matter to you in the context of your industry. Having a blog is a great way to accomplish those two things.

2. Another reason is that it allows you to take a more personal approach to business from your unique perspective. It is not a stuffy boring corporate website! This is about your thoughts, ideas and your personal touch in your business. This allows your readers to connect with you on a personal and emotional level which will help you increase your conversions from prospects to customers.

3. Free search engine traffic is another reason to have a blog. You can use your blog to drive traffic back to your main site increasing your leads and customers.

4. You can use your blog to help build your email list. Email marketing is still a very effective and useful tool to market any business.

5. To build an asset you can sell. If you write about an important topic and you do it on a regular basis, over time you will have a very valuable asset that could be monetized in many different ways.

Here are some other simple tips about blogging.

It should be focused towards a single theme or subject matter.

It should be interesting. Don’t be boring!

How often should you blog?

Blog when you have something to say. Hopefully that is at least once a week. If you want to be a serious blogger then two to three times a week would be needed.

One question I frequently get is “How do I come up with things to write about?”

Here are the Three C’s of creating new content.

1. Controversy: pick a controversial topic and give your take on it.

2. Challenge assumptions. Be contrarian. This is part of being a thought leader.

3. Current Events. There is always something happening in the world that you can carefully craft into an interesting story that ties back into your theme.

Starting a blog can be simple, free and easy. There are several blogging platforms that you can use. For serious bloggers you will want to use WordPress dot org. If you want to start simple and just want to add something basic for your small business then use blogger dot com.

Not sure where to start? Contact me on my website or on LinkedIn and I will point you in the right direction and help you make sure you have the right strategy from the beginning.

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